Escape world
Escape world

The Ringmaster’s Caravan

In a circus, the man who presents the circus acts in their particular order is called the ringmaster. Unfortunately, this morning, un elephant bumped into our ringmaster and he hit his head against a tentpole. Nothing serious, except that he seems to have temporarily lost his memory ! The show begins in 15 minutes, and he can’t remember the right order of the circus acts ! Help him ! Enter the caravan, and within 15 minutes, find the clues that will allow you to establish the order of the circus acts.

caravane1 The Ringmaster’s Caravan - Escape world
The Ringmaster’s Caravan is available for private events (e.g. birthdays, family parties, stag or hen parties, etc.), company events (e.g. teambuilding, company outings), or festivals, etc. The game lasts 15 minutes. Up to four people can play simultaneously. After each game the gamemaster will reset the game. Consequently, a maximum of 12 people (i.e. 3 sessions) can play the game within 1 hour. The caravan is stationed next to our store in St-Maurice (VS). Its transfer, by a tractor driven by one of our employees, costs CHF 2.30 /km (all costs included). A flat rate of CHF 100 will be charged for all round-trip transfers under 45 km. An adventure costs CHF 120.- per hour (includes : caravan, briefing, debriefing, and resetting by the game master). If there is no electricity available on the spot, we will provide a generator (CHF 20.- /h). For long periods, we offer reduced rates. Our prices do not include TVA (VAT).

caravane9 The Ringmaster’s Caravan - Escape world